Search and Rescue School inspired my family to become involved in sharing emergency medical training with everyone we could. My prior training and work as an instructor with emergency services as a police supervisor and my work with the LAFD Paramedics has always been my passion, come join us and make your next adventure safe and fun. Let us share our Cool Safety ideas with you.



I want to be on you upcoming class list for medical courses!



We teach CPR, AED and First Aid courses, and for those that want great training we offer realistic and meaningful Wilderness and Remote First aid courses for times when help is an hour or more away. Learn how to handle major medical emergencies spinal cord injuries, fractures, chest injuries and life threatening illnesses in 8 or 16 hour courses or choose a more advanced course.

Our classes are second to none and we beat the competition in price and value, with CPR/AED classes starting at $40 for groups to Wilderness First Aid classes starting at $95 we call tailor a package for you today!

Firearms Training in Alameda


As a police supervisor Randy was FBI SWAT trained and competed in a Statewide pistol team. Randy is a certified Pistol, Rifle and Shotgun and Law Enforcement Shotgun, Pistol and Tactical Rifle instructor and Chief Range Safety officer that can certify Range Officers and the public in safe and legal firearms training. We are California Department of Justice Handgun Safety Instructors as well. We would be happy to discuss options for this outdoor sport and we regularly train co-educational youth groups in the safe handling of firearms.

We can provide safe firearms training classes for pistol, rifle and shotgun starting at $150 for group rates and we can conduct private lessons for individuals and families.